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IFA news from Dubrovnik

Why IFA Press Conference has been in Dubrovnik this year?

Because 20 years ago Dubrovnik  hosted a global conference on the development of a high-definition analog signal that was the base for nowadays technology.

News about The conference

The conference presented the latest news and trends for IFA partners, including Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, Sennheiser, Philips and others, and research firms like GfK and DisplaySearch who presented an interesting overview of trends in computing and consumer electronics and a comparison of the most significant macro markets – North America, Europe and Asia, and the different attitudes of customers when making decisions on buying electronic equipment.

Philips first introduced here as TP – Vision – a joint venture with a share of HongKong Technologyja TPV and Philips (70/30%). They talked about family devices audio for demanding users in the family Fidelio.

Samsung held a small demonstration of its SmartTV, with advanced controls voice and gestures.

More news:

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