I love Dubrovnik

I love Dubrovnik, and you?

Everybody loves Dubrovnik for something. Roofs, people, stones, colors, sun, sights, nature, sea, walls, history. And our memories.

Have you ever been in Dubrovnik?

Add your love story.

Dubrovnik from the sea

Dubrovnik from the sea

Walking Dubrovnik…I love Dubrovnik on Easter

between narrow streets and climbing stairs you will feel the quiet peace… Watch this Dubrovnik tour by the non so turistic part during Easter…

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Although the rain came at intervals and the sun did not appear too, walking inDubrovnik is always a pleasure. It is true that there were people these days, but you can always find beautiful streets not so crowded. In the photos above which we cantrack these streets, but if you go to Dubrovnik, it is best to seek them yourself …luck!

Aunque la lluvia apareció a intervalos y el sol no se dejó ver demasiado, pasear por Dubrovnik siempre es un placer. Es verdad que había gente durante estos días, pero siempre se pueden encontrar calles preciosas no tan concurridas. En las fotos de arriba damos pistas de cuales pueden ser estas calles, pero si vas a Dubrovnik, lo mejor es que las busques tú mismo… suerte!



  1. Quan l’agost del 2006 vam arribar a Dubrovnik, gairebé per error, amb un amic italia, mai m’hagués imaginat que hi tornaria pocs mesos després – per nadal- i que ja des d’aleshores ença` no deixaria mai de tornar-hi. Sí, i com tot a la vida, per un bon motiu, i potser el millor: l’amor. L’amor a Dubrovnik, pero sobretot l’amor a la persona que estimo.

  2. When in August 2006 we arrived in Dubrovnik with an Italian friend, almost by mistake, I never would have imagined that only a few months later would return – for Christmas, and since then I have not stopped come back. Yes, and like everything in life, for good reason, and perhaps the best: love. Love to Dubrovnik, but especially love to the person I love.

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