I love Bura wine

Bura Winery

Bura family is dedicated to the vineyard for 5 generations and cultivates vineyards on the Pelješac peninsula in the southern Dalmatian coast of Croatia.

In its winery produces excellent wines Bura Dingač (Plavac Mali) and an excellent table wine Galerija (Plavac Mali, Marsellane, Cabernet Sauvignon).

Dingač is the name of the region in the southern Dalmatian coast on the peninsula of Pelješac, Croatia, and that gives its name to Premium quality red wine best known in Croatia.

Bura winery is located in the village of Potomje, an hour and a half drive from Dubrovnik and thirty minutes drive from Korčula.

Bura wine comes from Plavac Mali, the type of grape native from Pelješac peninsula and the Dalmatian islands.

Plavac Mali is known for producing wines that are rich in flavor and high alcohol content and tannins.

Bura vineyards are on terraces of gravel, rich in minerals among which potassium, facing south, down to the sea on a slope of 50 degrees from a height that ranges from 300 meters to 150 meters in a climate, flora and fauna typically Mediterranean.

The vineyards receive an annual average insolation of 2650 hours, ie 7.2 hours per day and 9.6 hours in the vegetative cycle.

The average annual rainfall is 1200mm and during the growing cycle of 350mm.
The rich in potassium is probably the most important factor responsible for the quality of the grape and wine Dingač.

More information:

Bura wine on Wine Library TV



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